“Touch of Asia Imports” is a family owned company based in Brisbane Australia. Company owners, John and Lan Urane import a range of quality hand crafted products from South East Asia.

Touch of Asia Imports' product range includes:-

Manufacture of ceramic ware has been refined in South East Asia for centuries. Functional and decorative ceramics are hand crafted using traditional skills handed down from ancestors. Skilled artisans today manufacture a unique range of hand made ceramics which are functional and beautiful. Each hand made ceramic piece is unique, displaying the individual craftsman’s skills.

The village craft of rattan weaving is used to create a diverse range of home-ware and decorative items. Each rattan piece is hand woven using traditional skills. Our selection of rattan is obtained from many regions and represents the finest hand woven rattan products manufactured in South East Asia.

Lacquer ware
Lacquer finishes are uniquely Asian with their origins shrouded in history. The lacquer process is painstakingly hand applied with no similar finish produced by modern automated process. Lacquer ware finishes after achieved after application of multiple layers which are hand polished to provide a unique and beautiful lustrous finish.

Touch of Asia Import’s range of furniture is hand crafted from a range of beautiful timbers. Each hand finished piece is made from solid timber, displaying the beautiful grain of natural timber and charm of oriental design. Each classic piece provides the charm and character of a genuine handcrafted original.

Touch of Asia Import's range handbags includes beautifully hand embroidered silk, beaded bags suitable for any occasion. Our range includes modern and traditional styles including functional and “nine to five” styles.


Touch of Asia Imports
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